Employee inventions
In employee invention cases, we offer consulting for the employer as well as the employee inventor. We help you to secure compensation and provide support when signing compensation agreements. If desired, we provide companies with support for the internal handling and management of inventions and inventor compensation.

IP contracts
We would be happy to prepare new or examine existing license agreements or purchase contracts for inventions and IP rights. We can also work in your behalf on cooperation agreements, research and development contracts, and confidentiality agreements.

Expert opinions
In addition to providing expert opinions on the legal validity of IP rights and in infringement cases, we can also provide expert opinions for the evaluation of IP rights and patent portfolios for investors, insolvency administrators, and competitors.

IP rights strategy
In close cooperation with our clients, we work out application strategies for individual innovations and advise you when aligning the IP rights portfolio with the company objectives, the markets, and the competition. For business planning and decision-making processes, we can obtain and evaluate strategic patent information. If desired, we can also monitor the IP rights activities of competitors. Other areas of activity include freedom-to-operate analyses.

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