Trade Marks

Trade marks distinguish the products and services of a company. They serve as an indication of the origin of a product and stand for the quality of a product. A trade mark can be extended for an unlimited period of time. For example, it is possible to protect words, images, slogans, and logos. Merely descriptive terms or image elements cannot be registered in general. Before applying for a trade mark, potential infringements with prior rights should be researched.

We can take care of the following for you:
  • Trade mark research to avoid trade mark infringements
  • Applying for trade marks
  • German trade marks, EU trade marks and international trade marks
  • Performing the registration procedure
  • Foreign national trade marks
  • Monitoring and payment of extension fees
  • Monitoring for trade mark infringements
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Trade mark cancellation proceedings
  • Representing clients in trade mark infringement cases
  • Preparing expert opinions for infringement cases
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