Trade Marks

Trademarks are „intellectual property“. Trademarks characterize a company’s goods and services in order to distinguish them from those of other companies. On the one hand, they serve as an indication of origin and, in particular, they stand for the quality of a product. A trademark can be continuously renewed for an unlimited period of time. Words, images, slogans and logos, for example, can be protected. Purely descriptive terms or figurative elements are generally excluded from registration. Before applying for a trademark, searches should be made for possible collisions with earlier rights.

We can provide the following services for you:

  • Trademark searches to avoid collisions
  • Trademark applications
  • German trademarks, EU trademarks and international trademarks
  • Filing the trademark application and handling the registration procedure
  • Foreign national trademarks
  • Monitoring and payment of renewal fees
  • Monitoring for trademark infringements
  • Opposition proceedings
  • Handling of trademark cancellation proceedings
  • Representing clients in trademark infringement cases
  • Providing expert opinions for infringement cases
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